The glossary of 3D food printing: Part 1

Here you will find the main terms used in digital manufacturing and 3D food printing in the form of a glossary. In any case the ones we use on a daily basis. We tried to be the most exhaustive but we probably lack entries … So don’t hesitate to write to us to complete it!…

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The Digital Patisserie featured by Golden Moustache

Aurore Aubin of Golden Moustache came to visit the Digital Patisserie to discover 3D chocolate printing. We put together a little demonstration on our first 3D printer. It works with a print head that extrudes the dough deposited on the tray (in this case a silicone mat that is usually used in the kitchen). It…

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3D food printing, 3D food printer: a full definition and lexicon

3D printing of food has not been science fiction for many years. And yet it is a subject that always amazes many. What exactly are we talking about? What makes a 3D food printer different from another printer? Is 3D disruptive for food? In this article, we propose to define precisely what this innovation covers,…

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