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The Digital Patisserie featured by Golden Moustache

Aurore Aubin of Golden Moustache came to visit the Digital Patisserie to discover 3D chocolate printing.

We put together a little demonstration on our first 3D printer. It works with a print head that extrudes the dough deposited on the tray (in this case a silicone mat that is usually used in the kitchen).

3D Chocolate Printing

It was a great opportunity to share our know-how and discuss the benefits of 3D food printing to build the plate of the future.

The 12-minute report features other speakers, including a researcher who doesn’t show much tenderness with the 3D food printing, you’ll see! (at the same time no other innovation really appeals to him).

This makes me think that I should write a post about: “Why 3D food printing is not a gimmick”.

3D printed chocolate cookies
Chocolate cookies with 3D printed chocolate

We placed the printed chocolate inserts on cookies with soft caramel and caramelized hazelnuts. In the opinion of all testers, it wasn’t bad at all (or very very good)!

You can watch the video in French on Golden Moustache’s Facebook. The opportunity also to review the ancestors of 3D food printing in Start Trek (starts at 9′ min).

REPORTAGE : L'assiette du futur

#REPORTAGE : L'assiette du futurViande de synthèse, insectes, alimentation imprimée 3D… Quelle sera notre alimentation de demain ? Golden Food a mené l'enquête 🔽

Publiée par Golden sur Vendredi 30 août 2019
3D Chocolate Printing by The Numerique Patisserie – start 9′

What would you like us to print in 3D? Which type of dessert fulfills you dream?

PS: Yes I keep closing my eyes as much!! 🤣

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