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How to define a spectacular dessert? Our survey

Greedy friends, we need you! This week, we offer a quick survey to define the criteria for a spectacular dessert. We’ve put together a selection of photos that are more delicious than the others.

Have you ever done “Whaouuuu!” in front of your dessert plate in a restaurant or in front of a pastry shop? Do you (very) regularly watch pictures of pastry chefs on Instagram? Then we have a service to ask of you.

How to define a spectacular dessert is a question that has been in my head for many weeks. For me, it’s a step to understand what 3D food printing can bring to dessert. This is how the idea came to build an investigation into the spectacular dessert and gather the maximum of opinions.

Do you need a brilliant dessert? With a lot of colors? Should we focus on a variety of forms? Should dessert be realistic? Or on the contrary, take us into an imaginary world? Here’s what you’re thinking when you’re watching dessert? Let your gluttony speak!

So in this survey, there is nothing 3D printed. On the other hand, there are plenty of pastries created by chefs all over the world. Admirable chefs, who sparkle their creativity and know-how.

spectacular dessert our survey


The survey was conducted with the help of Pauline Bozec, Danaé Nicey, Lucy Reeves and Noor Pourshayesteh. Thank you for their valuable help! It is in English but it consists mainly of choosing images. Each time, you have to choose the most spectacular dessert.

Here are the instagram accounts where we found the photos:

  • @cedricgrolet
  • @antoniobachour
  • @alistairbirt
  • @amourducake
  • @annesophiepic
  • @bakelikeachef
  • @christophemichalak
  • @cocoadelicious01
  • @fabriquegivree
  • @gastromaniatics
  • @gregorydoyen
  • @gullianar
  • @lucasspinelli
  • @majavase
  • @maximefrederic
  • @ninametayer
  • @pastrychefmatthew
  • @rarerollingobject
  • @rentingfrenchmamacakes
  • @thierrymulhaupt
  • @vidal31

Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey. And we do not accept any responsibility if this survey provokes in you an irresistible desire for sweet!

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