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Spectacular dessert: a definition thanks to your testimonies

In February, we used your opinion to define the characteristics of a spectacular dessert. Today we publish the results!

First of all, we want to thank the 75 people who participated in our survey. On average, they took more than 3 minutes to select from the 24 images we offered them.

The 6 desserts considered the most spectacular

What are your favourite desserts? Here are the 6 nominees based on the votes collected. Warning: this is not a ranking of cakes at least to the most popular. Because you had to choose your favourite design from the four pastries presented.

Kevin Gully’s wreath of flowers

Kevin Gully's wreath of flowers

Kevin Gully is now the pastry sous-chef at Crown Casino in Melbourne. Unsurprisingly, he was voted best pastry chef of the year in 2018. The dessert consists of white wine, elderflower jelly, a vanilla pannacotta and an almond sponge cake. A composition of fresh flowers and blueberries are arranged harmoniously.

Beauty of reflections, variety of colors, regularity of form are among the characteristics of this sweetness. Looking at the photo, do you get to guess the likes that lurk inside? In any case, 37% of you considered this dessert spectacular.

Nina Metayer’s bouquet of roses

Nina Metayer's bouquet of roses

Unsurprisingly, you’ve selected a dessert from Nina Metayer. Voted best pastry chef in 2016 and 2017, the young chef with an impeccable career took the reins of creation for Café Pushkin before working as a freelancer.

This bouquet of roses is his creation for Valentine’s Day 2019. Called the Pushkin Rose, the dessert is placed on its Breton shortbread and contains a lemon biscuit, a confit and a blackcover jelly. A tea-mounted ganache brings all the originality to this Valentine’s Day dessert.

The reference to the real, the technical prowess, the volume are part of the qualities of this dessert that 39% of you considered spectacular.

Gunnlaugur Ingason’s volcano-safari icing

Gunnlaugur Ingason's volcano-safari icing

Gunnlaugur Ingason is a 25-year-old pastry chef from Iceland. On his Instagram account he documents his work. Regularly, it offers spectacular mirror icings, in preparation for the competitions. This dessert was created on the theme of Safari and refers to the warm tones of Africa. Without wanting to offend Gunnlaugur we always thought he paid homage to the volcanoes of his native island!

Looking at this dessert, one can imagine that it contains chocolate or caramel because the brown color seems to be the reference icing. But nothing is certain: it’s hard to know what’s in it! The surface is very bright, with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Were these drawings painted or obtained by the heating of certain elements? Not easy to know because the young leader gives no indication.

When you look, this dessert was considered spectacular by 30% of you. This is the tightest score in this poll. For example, Maxime Frédéric’s log and the levitating cake of the Australian pastry chef Kate are almost equal.

Thierry Mulhaupt’s clock

Thierry Mulhaupt's clock

Thierry Mulhaupt is a very famous pastry chef in France, especially for his collection of Crazy Pies. Unsurprisingly, this entremets is called The Clock and it was proposed by the chef for the New Year. It consists of a flourless chocolate biscuit, a cocoa crunch, a Pompona vanilla cream and a pure chocolate mousse from Madagascar selection of the Mava plantation 64%.

This beautiful dessert has several characteristics common with other desserts: it refers to an object that is not eaten, it offers a surface contrast (matte / brilliant), you can not guess what it contains inside, and it proves a strong technical mastery on the part of the pastry chefs who made it.

This spectacular dessert has been chosen by 42% of you.

Tatiana Rudkovska’s 3D entremets

Tatiana Rudkovska's 3D entremets

The Ukrainian pastry chef made this chocolate mousse-based entremets. This 3D and organic generative design suggests that the foam emphasizes the airy side of the foam. About one-third of the dessert is covered with black flocage. A nice contrast when compared with the mirror icing. Finally, the small string of flakes allows for a clean bond between the two parties. Blacks are very deep, these are not the colors that are associated with chocolate.

Bottom line: 49% of you have selected this spectacular dessert!

David Vidal’s purple rosette

David Vidal's cake

David Vidal is a Canadian/Malta pastry chef who works as a sous chef at the Lahomlen Hotel in Sweden. Her Instagram account is full of wonders, because each of her desserts are very aesthetic.

Among the elements you have chosen: the technical perfection of the icing, the contrast of volumes, the variety of decorative shapes that refer to the taste of the dessert, the overall balance of the cake. In the end, you have praised this spectacular dessert at 51%.

The characteristics of a spectacular dessert

Our investigation included one last question that proposed different properties for a spectacular dessert. Then, each participant could also add their own definition. Thanks to the feedback from the respondents, this question is very rich in teaching!

Survey about spectacular dessert

Technicity and optical illusion are your two favorite criteria: you could just as apply them to a magic show. Because pastry chefs are also magicians. If you’ve ever worked even a day with professionals, you know it as well as we do!

Then we suggested you add your own criteria of choice. The participants told us about the pastry chefs they love. And they cited qualities such as:

  • modernity
  • magic and fantasy
  • precision of execution, delicacy
  • prowess (technical), for example defying gravity
  • variety, such as textures
  • aesthetics, a dessert like a work of art
  • elegance and refinement
  • attractiveness, seduction, make you want
  • novelty, originality, creativity, the unexpected, the never-seen
  • coherence, a composition that makes sense
  • a dessert that takes us on a journey, a dessert from another world
  • Reference to natural ingredients
  • an intriguing design
  • an inspiring dessert, capable of eliciting emotion (in addition to gluttony?)

In the end, we chose the following qualities to create a spectacular dessert:

  • a spectacular dessert hides its game! You clearly like surprise. It’s better not to know what’s inside, it adds mystery.
  • dessert must contain one or more technical feats.
  • a wow dessert is colorful, if possible with unusual colors. These colors do not necessarily refer to the color of a known fruit or flavor, which reinforces the surprise effect.
  • a spectacular dessert is made by a pastry-magician: it combines a perfect technical execution with the effect of surprise.

How about you? What is the most spectacular dessert you’ve ever eaten? How do you imagine a 3D printed dessert? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments with us.

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