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Chocolate 3D printing: the full list of all 3D printers and services

If you are a chocolate lover, you should easily find your happiness among the many offers for 3D printing of chocolate. From personal 3D printers to 3D printed decors for professionals. We find it for all tastes!

Chocolate is one of the food materials that was quickly used by 3D paste deposit printing. Indeed, 3D printing of chocolate has many advantages:

  • Chocolate is expensive. We have an economic interest not to waste it.
  • Chocolate is an easy commodity to find
  • It’s easily switches from solid to liquid when heated
  • Chocolate can regain its original properties after being heated (brightness, smell, crunch)
  • Chocolate can be stored for a long time in a solid state at room temperature. Therefore, you don’t need to be in a controlled atmosphere laboratory, you can 3D print chocolate in a temperate room.
  • Chocolate is naturally anti-bacterial. You can leave a chocolate in a room and it will not oxidize, change appearance. Sometimes white traces appear: it is the cocoa butter that changes slightly but it can always be eaten. What’s the advantage of 3D printing? There should be no thought to prevent contamination during chocolate printing.

During my research, I had the opportunity to meet with designers and manufacturers of 3D chocolate printers, seasoned users and engineers seeking to solve the problems associated with 3D chocolate printing. In July 2019, we printed chocolate ourselves, you can discover the result in this article. Here’s a list of all the actors I know. If I’ve forgotten, please write to us so we can keep this list up to date.

Picture of the Xoco Chocolate 3D printer
The Xoco Chocolate 3D printer

The full list of chocolate 3D printers

In this list, some 3D printers work only for chocolate. Other suppliers are generalists and offer chocolate among other 3D printing materials.

100% chocolate 3D printers

Here, we didn’t try to rank 3D chocolate printers based on their price or functionality. As we have not tested them, we do not have to judge their print quality. Simply put, we just ranked the printers in alphabetical order!

  • 3Dessertgraphiques is a French company based in Lyon that develops a professional 3D printer for chocolate printing.
  • Chocoformer is a 3D chocolate printer developed by students and engineers from the HSR University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland.
  • Chocola3d is a custom chocolate 3d printer made in Europe.
  • Chocolatehoch3 is a German company that has developed a 3D printer dedicated solely to chocolate. You can also order printed parts on their machine on their website or request them for an event.
  • ChocEdge is a British company that marketed the first special 3D chocolate printers
  • Mmuse Touch screen is a 3D printer developed specifically for chocolate.
  • Mycusini is the consumer version of the 3D chocolate printer developed by Print2Taste. You can read an interesting review of this device on TheSpoon’s website
  • Finally our favorite: the Xoco Chocolate 3D Printer! Unfortunately it was never commercialized but it is a concept developed by the very talented Michiel Cornelissen. It illustrates this part of our article and you can find out more about the project on the designer’s website.
  • Cocoa Press recently released this 3d printer developed at the University of Pennsylvania has the ambition to be accessible to the general public.

3D food printers that also make chocolate

In this category, you can find “generalist” 3D food printers and 3D FDM printers that offer special variations for food. Foodini from Natural Machines is surely the best known 3D food printer. On their website, you can find several 3D chocolate printing images.

Byflow Focus was developed in the Netherlands. This versatile 3D food printer is well designed to make different prints from extruded pasta. They offer recipes and an online studio to accompany you.

Procusini from Printotaste is also a 3D food printer with paste extrusion for professionals. The company supplies ready-to-use cartridges of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Createbot 3D Food printer is a paste extrusion machine that can also print chocolate in 3D

The manufacturer Wiibox also offers a food version in its range of 3D printers. Unsurprisingly, it is called Wiibox Sweetin

Finally, here is a very versatile machine that strawberres, cuts, prints in 3D and can even print chocolate! This is the Zmorph VX. Indeed, there is a paste extrusion kit that can attach itself directly to the machine.

Maker solutions for 3D printing chocolate from an existing 3D printer

You want/need to print chocolate in 3D and you already have a 3D printer? Good news! You have the choice to transform your little gem into a 3D chocolate printer. We recommend these 3 resources that we tested:

  • 3Dragchoco’s chocolate kit is a good solution if you don’t want to spend too much time there. You can buy the kit from Futura Electtronica if you live in Europe
  • the kit developed by Leo Techmaker and the video demonstration is also a good alternative
  • for those who have more time, go for this article that details the opensource 3D food printer developed by the University of Queensland (we take this opportunity to thank Matthew Lanaro for providing us with the preview plans)!
  • The digital pastry printing kit developed by us is a kit that allows not only to print chocolate but also other materials, such as meringue. Named Cakewalk 3d, this kit is available on Indiegogo. We have dedicated an article to this chocolate extruder.

Chocolate 3D printing services

If you don’t want to buy a 3D printer right away, you can go to a 3D printing service. With the arrival of Mona Lisa 3D Studio from Cacao Barry, we can say that this sector has entered a new phase of maturity. However, this service is only for professionals. Here is a list of services to test:

  • Chocolate Prints is a service we recommend with your eyes closed. We have been talking to Tiziana Schraner who is part of the team for a long time. In short: they are great!
  • Mona Lisa 3D Studio: In February 2020 Cacao Barry announced the launch of a 3D printed chocolate décor service. They offer several models on their website. A dedicated file creation service is also available. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pricing information.
  • Chocolatehoch3 also offers chocolate printed pieces directly in its eshop
  • Finally, we can’t make this list without telling you about 3D Treats. Elena has for several years created a service of 3D printed food pieces including decorations made of chocolate.
The birthday's cake of Kevin made with Trats
Photo of a cake with chocolate decoration printed in 3D pat Treats3D

3D printing chocolate at home

So this article made you want to print chocolate with your personal 3D FDM printer? The good news is that you always have to be able to challenge yourself. Honestly, we would need a full article to share our findings on 3D chocolate printing and maybe it will soon see the light of day.

Here’s a quick summary of the constraints to consider:

  • not all 3D files can be printed. You should forget about 3D models that require external supports right away, because you will never be able to remove them properly.
  • there is no suitable slicer. You need to allow a lot of time to test the settings
  • Don’t forget to clean your favorite 3D printer before you put chocolate in it! The fat of the engines does not taste very good … and will surely give you VERY stomach ache.
  • print slowly, very slowly! Forget your 3D plastic filament printing references. 20 mm/s is a good starting point to test
  • provide space all around your printer, a space you can easily clean. Because chocolate is messy…
  • you won’t be able to taste your chocolates immediately. As in the work of classic chocolate, it is better to wait 24 hours to complete the crystallization and get the final texture.

In conclusion, you have many possibilities to taste chocolate printed in 3D! Our culinary extruder Cakewalk 3d is one of them. With kits and tutorials to make your chocolate extruder, you have several options to transform your personal 3D FDM printer. Have fun and don’t hesitate to share your comments and results!

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