Video: slicer for 3D printed cake

Today, the Digital Patisserie team offers you a video of a new slicer to make 3D printed cakes. To demonstrate the concept, we created a dessert paying tribute to Notre-Dame de Paris. The dessert consists of a bitter chocolate pie and a 3D print in white royal ice cream. With this spectacular dessert, we demonstrate the usefulness of a slicer developed by the Digital Patisserie with the University of Technology of Troyes, France.

The 3D file of the southern rosace of Notre-Dame de Paris is available for download on the Myminifactory platform. Regarding the pastry creation fieal, the chef Nina Metayer used it in January 2020 in order to 3D print in plastic and create a silicone mold. She used this mold to create an elegant cake decoration. You can review the details of this project in this article.

Our know-how is to 3D print food directly. Because our goal is to avoid as many steps as possible for the professional pastry chef. For example, we are trying to eliminate the use of molds as much as possible. Therefore, we have created a slicing software adapted to 3D food printing, which allows smart settings of the movements of the 3D printing head. This new type of slicer allowed us to print the rosace directly on a dessert thanks to a continuous path.

A slicer thanks to a technology partnership with UTT

Troyes University of Technology has created the technological brick for this slicing software. Through this program, we can 3D print many types of dough. For example, chocolate, royal ice cream, fondant, cabbage paste, fruit jelly, butter etc…

With this software, we want to make 3D printing of food easier, more accessible. Producing good print files is one of the solutions to improve the use of 3D food printers in restaurants and at home.

If you want to know more about this new slicer for 3D printed cake, we explain how it works in this post.

What would you like to print in 3D for your next dessert ? Contact us to carry out your edible 3D printing projects!

One last word

This article is also an opportunity to thank various contributors to this team project:

  • Sébastien Charpentier who blew me the idea of the rosace several months ago,
  • Rémi d’Agostino who first saw how to move forward,
  • Corentin Olivencia who did/is doing a huge operational job on the project,
  • Sparkmate’s entire team for their comments and unwavering support,
  • and of course Pierre-Antoine Adragna of UTT,
  • Germain Malnoury of UTT.

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