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14 super free 3D models that are really useful in your kitchen

Do you own a 3D printer and are looking for new ideas for 3D models? Today, we share some really useful models for cooking in your kitchen.

In the Digital Patisserie, we print every day on FDM and we cook a lot! So we spent time on the platforms of 3D models to find designs:

  • that can be used regularly
  • which can be printed in PLA by limiting the risks
  • that you can easily wash
  • that don’t take too long to print on your FDM

So far we’ve chosen 14 (+1) and we share them here!

If you’re wondering: Yes, we’ve also created our own 3D files as we go along, and we’ll be publishing them soon.

Projects in contact with ingredients

These 3D models require respect for hygiene precautions and the choice of a good filament (you can find our advice on this in this article).

A mesuring cube

A very useful and indispensable little tool in a kitchen: the measuring cube. This is a really handy version. Each side of the cube has a slot to measure food either in the metric system, but also in “cups” for American cooking.

Mesuring cube

Tou will find the files on Thingiverse platform.

Glass bottles turned into storage

Download free STL file Jars from bottles, Matlek
Turn your glass bottles into a large storage container

At the Numerique Patisserie, we are fans of this project! Store pasta or lentils in vegetable jars or old jam jars, we knew.

But this project goes further because it explains how to cut your glass bottles and make them an easy closing system in 3D printing.

You will find many explanations for carrying out the project safely. And 3D files are available on the Cults3d platform.

The measuring spoon

The measuring spoon
The design of Willem van Dreumel

Another version for measuring : the spoon. In fact, container designs for measuring are common on 3D model platforms. We selected this one because it offers a scale system to measure and the Openscad file is also available for editing.

If you don’t have a precision scale and have time to calibrate it, this measuring spoon can be a good 3D design to print. You can find the files on this page.

The duck-shaped cover holder

Descargar archivos 3D free Pato secador, 2s3dprinting
A nice way to let the water drain…

On 3d file platforms you can find many container models to store washing utensils next to your sink.

Like us, you may be from the tribe that leaves dirty spoons balanced on the edge of the sink while you prepare your dinner. If so, we recommend this 3d model. It combines aesthetics and utility.

The baguette for a magical kitchen

The magic wand

You have a birthday of a crazy fairy child in the next few days? Then this project is for you!

Instructables is an American platform piloted by Autodesk that brings together thousands of Makers projects using a wide variety of techniques (from milling to macramé literally!).

Most projects are licensed creative commons and each step is clearly explained. 3D plans and files are also provided. You can find the tutorial in detail on this page.

Sunflower seed scissors

Sunflower seeds
For sunflower seed lovers

We know what you are going to tell us: is it really useful to print this kind of utensil? Except for people who eat sunflower seeds every day?

We thought carefully before selecting this product and we thought that we would never buy it commercially but that we were ready to print.

Instead we could have offered you a nutcracker design as there are many of them, but it’s not that hard to find next door.

And then sunflower seeds are good for your health… Come on, trust us and check out the tutorial on Instructables.

Projects without contact with ingredients

When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s in your best interest to improve your functional environment. Here we offer original designs that you could not easily find in the trade.

These 3D models are in the form of STL, when native files are available for editing, we also add the link.

Multi-material dragon glass

Dragon Wine Glass (multi-material remix) print image
Fantastic atmosphere for your next meal…

We categorize this design into this category as we strongly recommend that you do not drink liquid directly from this glass.

You have to add a glass cup (or food plastic) to be able to use it.

If you accept this constraint and have time in front of you, here is a spectacular design to put on your table. It is offered by filament manufacturer FilamentOne on the MyMiniFactory platform.

The Sodastream bottle drain

The Sodastream bottel drain

Sodastream bottles do not go through the dishwasher. To keep them clean and dry them quickly after washing, here is a really nice design.

The parts are stackable so they can be stored more easily.

In addition, the 3D model is quick to print. You can find the files and instructions on this page at Cults3d.

The eagle-billed torch holder

Download 3D printer plan Eagle-billed coat carrier, lucasfernandesbos
It’s a coat rack, a towel rack, a towel holder…

This design is so cool that we wanted to include it even if it’s not difficult to get you something to hang your towels.

Moreover, we take this opportunity to remind you that in professional cooking tea towels are forbidden almost everywhere to limit the risk of microbial contamination during production. The microfibre mop of insects with vinegar or bleach for surfaces, and an apron that we change one day out of 2 when we are at home, it’s very good!

Poorvesh Mistry’s kitchen crane

No robot to snow the eggs? Here’s the solution…

It’s a big project, which requires more than 3D printing, but if you want to get started and tame a more complex project, don’t hesitate to get started.

Given the size of the engine, you can’t expect to mix very consistent pasta and you won’t be able to make a cake dough from A to Z with this machine but it’s a good device!

3D files and explanations can be found on most platforms, for example on My MiniFactory

The replacement button for the Kitchen Aid

At the Bakery and Patisserie school in Paris where Marine did my CAP, many kitchen help had lost their cap at the opening order. This designer touched just by proposing this 3d file.

Kitchen aid replacement knob image
A replacement button for the kitchen aid.

This project has the qualities of all spare parts. It’s simple to print, it’s immediate, it’s often cheaper… In short, it does great service! The 3D file can also be found on MyMiniFactory.

The multifunctional fridge tool

The multifunctional fridge tool
We’re finally going to be able to put away his fridge.

If, like us, you never have enough room in your fridge and get yourself to stack the max of bottles without everything breaking the figure, we recommend this design.

The pieces to be printed are really light and they simply solidify your building. They are designed to be easy to attach to each other.

The other uses on offer are fun and we think we really do not print for nothing!

You can find the 3D file on this Thingiverse page.

The bottle holder to decant wine

Download free STL file Wine Head, 3Delivery
The Tete de Vin bottle holder

As you’ve probably noticed, 3D bottle holder designs are very numerous in the marketplaces!

There has been a lot of creativity, especially to print a medium that balances thanks to the weight of the bottle. However these systems often work with closed bottles and you better not open them!

To decant the wine, while not spending hours printing, we tested this design that works well. To change the angle you can scale it.

The upcycling moisture absorber

Download 3D model Moisture absorb, clemgerm

This very nice model was designed by a young designer who wanted to propose an aesthetic solution when you need to install a moisture absorber in your kitchen or bathroom.

It gives the references of the absorption layer to buy and uses a jar of jam to collect water.

You can find the tutorial and 3d files of this beautiful design here.

Pots for aromatic herbs in aqueduct

Aqueduct Planter image
Tanya Wiesner’s ingenious design

Maybe you’ll find this choice a little far from the kitchen but it’s really nice if you want to grow herbs and you have few places.

On Instructables, Tanya posted a full modeling tutorial on Fusion. If you prefer to retrieve only STL files you can go to his page on MyMiniFactory.

What have you already printed for your kitchen? What are your favourite models?

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