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3D printed dinner: just a few days left for the contest!

Did you take part in the Cakewalk 3d giveaway to win a 3D printed dinner? You have until September 16 at midnight to register at this address:

An original competition

Before presenting Cakewalk 3d in detail, we have decided to organize a competition. The goal is to highlight the product but also to make you dream!

So we decided to go all out and offer you a unique experience: come and cook your dinner at home using Cakewalk 3d!

The 3d printed dinner has 4 courses for 2 people and can be broken down as follows:

  • 2 starters – 1 main course – 1 dessert
  • 1 starter – 1 main course – 2 desserts

It will depend on the tastes of the person who wins the competition, the dinner menu will be ultra-personalized (and not just thanks to 3D printing).

Invite your friends and earn points

This game is viral. With each registration you receive an email with a personalized link. This is the link you should use to share with your friends and on social media.

So you can earn the maximum number of points and reach the top of the table!

Each like / share on social networks earns 3 points. Each of your friends who signs up with your link earns you 5 points.

As of this writing, the winner has 31 points. Still easy to beat for the most motivated of you!

A 3d printed dinner at home: how does it work?

The lucky winner will receive an email to have their address and we can send them the official card! The goal is to do a first interview before the end of September.

Then, we will put in place the practical arrangements depending on the situation. As some countries impose a quarantine on travelers coming from France (or even prohibit access) it will be necessary to manage on a case-by-case basis.

During this interview, we will establish the dietary restrictions of the winner and his tasting companion. This will allow us to choose the final menu!

the partners of the competition

Super prizes for the 2nd and 3rd winners

There is not just one winner in our game thanks to the generosity of the best foodtech start-ups.

We will contact the 2nd and 3rd winners to send them a great gourmet basket that contains

Lots of good things to eat!

The 3d printed dinner will be done with Cakewalk 3d

This competition is an opportunity to tell you a little more about Cakewalk 3d.

The confinement period linked to Covid-19 has led us to review the Digital Patisserie strategy (if you want to know it in detail, you can see this article.)

As we have been working for several weeks from home, we took this time to develop a product that works on personal 3d printers.

Cakewalk 3d is a kit that attaches to the printer with support pieces, which you must 3d print first. It’s easy to install and remove – in under 30 minutes.

The kit includes the mechanical parts, ready-to-use ingredients, a silicone mat to install on the bed of your 3d printer, as well as recipes and hygiene advice.

Since June, we’ve been running the add-on every day. We also put it in the hands of beta testers. They managed to make successful 3d prints from the 2nd try!

3D orinted cake
various 3D printed cakes

To receive the best offers, don’t forget to subscribe

In a few days, we will be able to launch the Kickstarter campaign and present Cakewalk 3d in detail.

And we reserve a super early bird offer for all those registered for the competition. This is one more reason to sign up!

We will remind you one last time of the address:

If you read this article after the competition is over, you can join Cakewalk 3d’s mailing list by subscribing to our newsletter:

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