The 10 most stunning pastries made with the help of 3D printing

You have no more printing ideas? Is your 3D printer getting dusty? Here are some ideas to dust off your printer. Today, we share with you the craziest professional pastries made in recent years with the help of 3D printing.

Number 1: Fruits printed in 3D

pâtisserie professionnelle numéro 1 avec l'aide de l'impression 3D
ource : portofolio Meydan Levy

This fruit comes straight from the designer Meydan Levy. The 33 year old designer took the challenge to reproduce fruits in 3D printing. Meydan Levy explains that he used cellulose to create the structure of the fruit. As if that wasn’t enough, the designer also collaborated with chefs specializing in molecular cuisine to change the taste of his food. Far from the classic professional pastries, neo-fruits as the designer calls them are one of the first so-called 4d impressions made to date.

Number 2: The plant cake

Dinara Kasko plant cake
source : instagram Dinara Kasko

Created by Dinara Kasko, this cake was made a little by mistake as the detail of its creator. Indeed, the cake mold was created just for “fun” before the pastry chef realized that it could make a delicious dish. This cake with such a special shape was created thanks to the pastry chef’s 3D printed moulds. The pastry chef prints her moulds beforehand, which allows her to obtain shapes that were impossible to make before.

Number 3: “La galette des rois”

La galette des rois
source : instagram Nina Métayer

Nina Métayer presents this galette des rois adorned with the rose window of Notre Dame de Paris on 31 December 2019 on her instagram. The galette is made of frangipane, a touch of cinnamon and real pieces of almond to mix the crunchy and the soft. The rose window of Notre Dame made with the help of 3D printing shows the technicality of the whole. In 2020, we made our own 3D printing of the Notre Dame rose window in royal ice cream on chocolate pie.

Number 4: Mont-Blanc

Le Mont blanc de Francisco Migoya
source : facebook Francisco Migoya

Made by Chef Francisco Migoya, this pastry represents Mont-Blanc as its name suggests. The chef says that he printed a 3D model of the famous mountain to create his silicone mould and then from this mould he made his Mont-Blanc. The cake is a combination of milk chocolate, chunks of marron glacé, crispy meringues, heavy freeze-dried cream and a crumbled vanilla biscuit as a substitute for the pie crust.

Number 5: Diamond Champagne Bitters

Diamond Champagne Bitters
source : Sugarlab

Sugar Lab presents bitters printed in 3D. These bitters are to be dissolved in cocktails and are printed in 3D. Once dissolved, the bitters send out small coloured bubbles which beautifully colour the contents of the glass and bring a new fragrance.

Number 6: The Hong Kong collection

The Hong Kong collection by Ryan Foote
source : instagram Ryan Foote

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Ryan Foote invites you to discover his “Hong Kong” chocolate collection. Thanks to 3D printing, chocolate maker Ryan Foote gives an atypical shape to his chocolates.

Number 7: Saturn

Saturn by Amaury Guichon
Source : instagram Amaury Guichon

Created by the young Franco-Swiss pastry chef Amaury Guichon, this planet made from 3D moulds is a totally original creation. Accustomed to pastries of various shapes, the young chef is very popular on instagram and has many creations with ever more original shapes.

Number 8: Triangle jura chocolate tip marble

Triangle jura chocolate tip marble
source : Mona-Lisa studio

The realization of the Mona-Lisa chef’s studio, this triangle has the particularity of not only being printed in 3D, but also being only a decoration. Indeed, Mona-Lisa offers decorations made in 3D printing added on cakes for a stunning result.

Number 9: Paris-Brest

Paris6brest by 3DTreats
source : instagram 3DTreats

The Paris-Brest from 3DTreats and entirely printed from a printer. The technique used is that of the syringe pusher. This technique makes it possible to obtain shapes that are not easily reproducible for amateurs.

Number 10: Roses in variations

Rose in variations
source : instagram Tatiana Rudkovska

Made in February 2021, these roses designed using 3D printed moulds by pastry chef Tatiana Rudkovska are incredibly precise. The pastry chef prints the moulds beforehand and then cooks in them. Finally, she freezes everything and then removes the mould to obtain this cake with an unusual shape.

What are your favourite professional pastries? Do you want to try 3d food printing? Go here.

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