A chocolate extruder for your own 3D printer

Cakewalk 3d is the kit that turns a personal 3D printer into a food 3D printer. For chocolate lovers, we explain how to do it step by step!

No one knows how difficult it is to become a master chocolatier and master the art of pastry making. Just try making chocolate designs on cakes. You have probably realized how difficult it is to make precise and complex designs. To remedy this, Digital Pastry has developed a kit extruder that allows you to extrude chocolate with your 3D printer. The principle is simple, you install the extruder kit on your 3D printer and then you put the material in it and launch your printing.

Cakewalk 3d in action with chocolate
Cakewalk 3d in action

How to use the Chocolate extruder?

First of all, you have to prepare your 3D printer as you would for a plastic print. Obviously, to print chocolate you need to use the Cakewalk 3d. Install the device on your 3D printer and let your imagination and your greed express itself!

How to use the Chocolate extruder?
Example of 3d printing with dark chocolate

Cakewalk 3d Kit Components

  • One 17 x 5.5 cm aluminium cylinder
  • worm screw
  • top sealing cap
  • cone in which the nozzle is fixed
  • 1 mm nozzle in food grade stainless steel

As an option you can also purchase an additional kit that contains the mechanical parts for easy assembly:

  • Nema 17 engine
  • coupler
  • flange bearing
  • the necessary screws and bolts for the assembly

On your side, you must make some parts on your 3D printer (prints without support).

  • a 27×300mm support piece which is also the backbone of the whole extrusion unit
  • rings for holding the cartridge made up of the elements of the kit

We offer an optional heat mat that we recommend you use to maintain the temperature of the chocolate.

To assemble the Cakewalk 3d Food Extruder go to the assembly instructions pages.

Which chocolate to use?

No need to look for a sophisticated chocolate. For example, the classic Nestlé Dessert bar works very well. However, you should avoid chocolates with chunks, you should melt the chocolate and check that the mixture is very smooth before using it. If you want to temper your chocolate before pouring it into the extruder, and you don’t know how to do it, go watch Chef Francisco Migoya’s video. Please note that it is sometimes more complex to print with tempered chocolate than with purely melted chocolate.

How to use the heated mattress?

The purpose of a heating mat is to control the temperature in the cartridge. This prevents the chocolate from solidifying during printing. The heating mat can be wedged under the holding rings thanks to its flexibility.

How to use the heated mattress?

To operate the heating mat connect the two wires to those controlling your fan. The temperature is set with the % of ventilation in your slicer so that it is reflected in your Gcode. For some models of 3D printers, you must connect it in place of the resistor of your plastic extruder. However, be careful never to raise the temperature above 40° Celsius, as the properties of the chocolate would change too much.

How to prepare your 3d file for the chocolate extruder?

The best thing about Cakewalk3d is the ability to model baked goods directly on your computer. Cakewalk3d allows you to make sweet and savory products with decorations and shapes that are also particularly challenging. To model your pastry in 3D, use your CAD software and then your favorite slicer. Once in the slicer, you have several choices. You can use the profiles available on our site or create your own. Also, remember to take a 3D model without a support.
As seen previously you should not exceed 40° Celsius to print chocolate. However, you must take into account the cooling speed of the chocolate. Indeed, depositing a layer of melted chocolate (it’s hot) on a lower layer not yet solidified can deform the object. A layer should be applied only when the layer below is cool enough to support the weight of the new layer and its heat. This is best done with a relatively small amount of chocolate, using our 1 mm diameter socket.

To adjust the slicer go to the settings and set the nozzle diameter to 1mm, the layer height to 0.8mm and if necessary the temperature of the mat not exceeding 35° Celsius. As with 3D printing with plastic, it will take several tries to get the best results.

Precautions for use

It is important to note that the cooling time for chocolate 3D prints is longer than for plastic prints. The configuration parameters are obviously not the same, and depend on the shape of the object, the type and the chocolate used. Please also take into account the ambient temperature, to avoid problems with the printer.

Configuration files

The slicing parameters are available on this page. However, be careful, all 3D printers are slightly different from each other and it is not impossible that the settings change slightly.

The store

Our store is not open yet, but you can order a Cakewalk 3d here.

If you want to know more about how Cakewalk 3d works, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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