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11 free 3D files to make your own silicone cake mold

You want to make your own silicone molds but, you are out of ideas? Today we offer you 10 free 3D files for your silicone molds.

These 3D models have the particularity to have been selected to make cake molds. Indeed, we have developed at Pâtisserie Numérique a particular technique of silicone molding using the 3d printer. This allows all pastry chefs to make their custom molds quickly and for a small budget.

The silicone molds obtained are self-supporting and can be used to make entremets or to bake cakes. In pastry, multi-part molds are also used for chocolate subjects and you can also use these molds for that.

When you don’t know how to model, it’s convenient to use ready-made 3D files. We selected, printed and made the molds for validation. And the team didn’t leave one crumb of the cakes made!

Number 1 The peony:

The peony 3D model
Created by Hitherefriendo

This 3D model soberly called “Geometric Design” mixes several qualities for molding. It is not very high, which makes it easier to remove from the mold, its width is correct and its details make this model a mold with great potential. The model is available on Thingiverse. Catherine, one of our team members renamed it “The Peony” because the shape is really reminiscent of this flower. We made a 18 cm mold on this 3d file.

Here is a picture of the final pastry:

The peony cake

Number 2 the Embossed Form:

The embossed form
Created by Scan The World

We remain in the plant inspiration for this second choice. Neither too high nor too wide, the “Boss” model is perfect for a mold. This 3D scan file comes from the church of Llanbadarn Fawr, near Aberystwyth in Wales. It is available on MyMini Factory.

Number 3 Low Poly Banana:

The Low Poly Banana
Created by Skovos 

Fruit shaped molds are always a challenge. However, Low Poly fruit, like this “Low Poly Banana” is an easy pattern for a one-piece silicone mold. The Low Poly makes it easier to unmold and make the mold. The 3D file is available on Thingiverse.

Number 4 The croissant:

The croissant 3D
Created by Peter3dmake

Classic of the French viennoiserie, we couldn’t miss this croissant! We have already tested this file with several different flavors of ice cream, bavarois and bomb doughs, for a demolding and a rendering always satisfactory. Several 3D files are available for download, but our favorite version is available on Thingiverse. There is also an alternative version on Cults which is also relevant.

Here is a picture of one of our entremets. It is a milk chocolate ganache covered with a Caramelia chocolate glaze. Don’t you find it very appetizing?

Iced croissant made with 3d printing silicone mold

Number 5 The Low Poly Sphinx:

The low Poly Sphinx mold 3D
Created by Steve Dakh

Like the previous model, this Sphinx is made of Low Poly. It is not yet too high to be made in a one-piece silicone mold. And it gives a really spectacular result. It is possible to have a 3D view before downloading the STL file if you want to see it in more detail. The 3D file is available on Mymini Factory.

Number 6 The Pokemon:

the Bulbizarre Pokémon

The iconic Pokémon Bulbizarre from the saga is an excellent model to make a silicone mold. This 3D file is also very well-known within the 3D printing community! We have already made a chocolate piece and the rendering is very cute, the Low Poly makes that we keep enough detail not to lose the shape of the Pokémon and at the same time, simplifies the making of the mold. In terms of geometry, this is surely the limit to make a silicone membrane mold according to our technique.

Here is a picture of one of our first prints, personally we find it particularly appetizing!

pastry from a silicone mold with 3d printing

Number 7 The flowered relief:

3d scan for silicone molding by 3d printing
Created by Scan The World China

This 3d file is made from a scan of a real object and is part of the Scan The World collection. It is a decorative tile from the flower market of a Chinese city. The object is about 13 cm tall, making it a perfect base for making a sophisticated and spectacular cake from a silicone mold. The 3D files are available on Myminifactory

Number 8 The Moai:

A status of Easter Island 3D models
Created by ET-Huang

The Moia is one of the most popular 3D files on Thingiverse. It is easy to print, does not require complex formwork and has good dimensions. So the Easter Island statute is a good model if you want to practice silicone molding. Remember to make it in prone mode, as if the statue had fallen on the ground. The model is available here.

Number 9 the Honeycomb:

Honeycomb 3d file for pastry
Created by Daggius

The honeycomb is a common pattern in the world of 3D printing and one that we are seeing more and more in the world of high end baking! This honeycomb inspired 3D object is basically a coaster / dish. You will see that they are composed of several parts. However, it is quite possible to make a mold and then a cake. The model is available on Thingiverse.

Number 10 The scan of the Greyfriar Church:

3d file of the Greyfriar church
Created by David Fletcher

In the Scan the World collection, we found this stone carving from Greyfriar Church in London. By removing the base and expanding the model in X and Y, we easily obtain a very nice base to make a silicone mold. In the team, we like the imperfect side of the 3D model which gives a particular cachet to the pastry made. The OBJ file is available on MyminiFactory

Number 11 The snail:

The snail 3D
Created by humanti

Soberly entitled “snail” by its creator, this snail is the last of the selected 3D files. Easy to make and quite funny, it is a good model if you want to test your skills in molding from 3D printing. The STL file is available on MyMiniFactory.

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