La Patisserie Numerique joins Agrifood

La Patisserie Numerique joins the Fast Forward Agrifood program! We are pleased to announce that we are now one of the six young winning companies to join the Fast Forward Agrifood acceleration program!

Dedicated to innovative start-ups in the agricultural and agri-food sectors in the Normandy region, the Fast Forward Agrifood program offers winning companies customised support. They benefit from a personalised business acceleration scheme for six months.

We are also joined by Archie, Bin Happy, Crémeries-Unies, Datafarm Energy and Dataswati!

The program includes mentoring and coaching sessions and the support of a network of dynamic partners (institutional and corporate). A financial component is also planned. The regional fund Normandie Participations is contributing 150,000 euros.

This funding (reinforced by the success of our first fundraising round a few weeks ago) will enable us to accelerate our projects. We are finalising several patent applications and the production launch of a new generation of 3D food printers…

La Patisserie Numerique designs gourmet creations thanks to food 3D printing

If 3D printing for food is already popular for producing decorative elements, we want to offer new creative daring. Lightening certain aspects of production and introducing new creativity is the grail of La Patisserie Numerique – The Digital Patisserie!

Our vocation: to inspire pastry chefs and chocolate makers, bakers and caterers by offering them innovatives solutions in terms of creativity (e.g. the creation of complex shapes that are difficult or even impossible to make by hand) and in terms of taste and production.

From edible pieces to be filled to fully-fledged structural pieces. Unique or mass-produced creations, but always personalised.

La Patisserie Numerique wishes to attract professionals of taste

Our ambition: to enable professionals of taste to invest in new territories of expression and new ways of producing as well…

Enthusing pastry chefs, chocolatiers and artisan bakers by allowing each of them to let their imagination and creativity run free and remain productive is our roadmap!

This will allow them to choose to spend more time creating new recipes or designs.

At the same time, we want to promote new production methods. More respectful of people and the planet. 3D food printing is based on an additive manufacturing method. It guarantees natural recipes that enhance the naturalness of the ingredients and additive-free formulations.

La Patisserie Numerique – The Digital Patisserie promotes a local production method and the absence of food waste.

In a context of increasing scarcity of raw materials and fight against waste, 3D printing of foodstuffs is also gaining ground.

Next step: the inauguration of the first food 3D printer farm

La Patisserie Numerique – The digital Patisserie joins The Fast Forward Agrifood acceleration program in order to enable us to register our formulations and finalise the manufacture of a new generation of food 3D printers for taste professionals.

Next, we will inaugurate the first connected food 3D printer farm in Normandy. More tangible than pretty speeches, it will allow us to concretely illustrate the potential offered by our solutions.

By joining Fast Forward Agrifood, we will continue to surprise you with our bold solutions

Of course, we will continue to develop innovative products for the gourmet audiences already seduced by our Cakewalk 3d.

Our Cakewalk 3d is the first culinary extruder designed to temporarily convert a personal 3D printer into a 3D food printer.

Moreover we will also continue to run workshops and online training courses for both professionals and technophile gourmets. You can find our interventions. For instance: how to create your own custom silicone molds from A to Z.

By contributing to digital and technical advances, La Patisserie Numerique – The Digital Patisserie wishes to invent a new gastronomy!

3D printed cookie by La Patisserie Numerique
La Patisserie Numerique – The Digital Patisserie print 3D pastry

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