Coral: a new step in 3D Patisserie

Our new creation is finally coming to light! We are happy to present you with a new step in the 3D Patisserie. It is the Coral, the fruit of a 4 hands work with the Possible Future design office. And we tell you everything in this article!

Coral: edible and 3D-printed

How would you like to embark on a journey to the heart of a chocolate ocean? To swim between fruity and acidulous notes, which come to raise the soft bitterness of the cocoa? To bite into a cookie with unusual shapes because it was printed in 3D?

This dessert named Coral revisits an emblematic recipe of French pastry: the Concorde. It plays with flavors and textures in a 100% chocolate spirit like its famous ancestor. It is now available in a bite-size with a unique shape. Chocolate mousse, meringue, cocoa shortbread, and fruit confit are the main ingredients of this culinary innovation.

A 3D dessert designed with Possible Future

For several months, we have been putting our neurons together with the teams of the Parisian design firm Possible Future. In September 2021, they invited us to come and talk about food prototyping, as culinary innovation is one of their specialties. Very quickly, we proposed to them to push together the technology we developed.

Thus, the collaboration resulted in several work sessions, led by the talented Arnaud Pfeffer at Possible Future and Amélys Debiol for Patisserie Numerique. We left one of our 3D printer prototypes in the studio to be able to iterate faster and get quick feedback.

Very quickly, we decided to imagine that this 3D patisserie would be a new moment of tasting, with a lot of crunches, highlighting the bitterness of the chocolate, by supporting it with the acidity of the fruit.

We also wanted to create a new shape, one that could not be achieved without assembly using traditional techniques. A form close to nature and at the same time geometric.

Finally, these working days gave rise to great discussions on the aesthetics of the pieces (we are French after all!). Should we work on the smoothest possible surface? Or to play with the layers to find a “wood” aspect never seen before in the Patisserie?

As coral is not necessarily smooth and shiny, we voluntarily chose to play on the layers specific to our additive manufacturing technology. Conclusion: the result is totally up to our expectations!

Possible Future logo

About Possible Future

How to introduce the Possible Future team? The best way is to let them speak and explain in detail how their studio works and its mission:

We are a B Corp-certified innovation studio. We transform companies by combining business, design, and technology expertise to drive positive economic growth. We are spearheading a social and ecological business revolution. Welcome to Possible Future.

3D Patisserie Coral

A new step in 3D Patisserie

After the release of Cakewalk 3d at the end of 2020; we are happy to demonstrate our new technology through this 3D pastry.

First of all, as you know, the ambition of La Patisserie Numerique is to free up time for professionals so that they can focus on taste and creativity.

During the last two years, we have developed and patented a 100% French technology. Our objective is to allow professionals to produce more efficiently, locally, and in a reasoned manner.

Therefore, our new 3D printer allows us to produce any shape of a cookie, according to your own recipe and without additives. The result is a low-sugar, non-doughy cookie that meets the standards of the French pastry.

How does it work?

  • The cake dough is prepared,
  • and the user places the dough cartridge in the printer and a printing tray
  • At the end of the job, the tray is put in the oven to solidify the 3D objects.

That’s why we consider opening a new chapter in food 3D printing. With this new machine, we are taking a new step in 3D Patisserie. Finally, we offer the freedom of creation and allow more professionals to become 3D chefs.

  • If you want to know more, there are 2 possibilities:
  • leave us your address on our waiting list and we will contact you very soon
    or read the paragraph just below.

Taste this 3d Patisserie on Vivatech 2022

We are pleased to invite you to taste this sweetness at the Vivatech show, from June 14 to 18, 2022. We will be present all 4 days on the stand of the Normandy Region, in F60.

Several flavors will be available for the fruit confit and we will make for the visitors a minute assembly. Thus, you will be able to choose between :

  • a cherry confit
  • a passion fruit version
  • or the acidity of a lemon-basil confit

Attention, we will not be able to offer this 3D pastry to all visitors. We had to limit the quantities because we share the stand with other great start-ups from Normandy. Therefore, we advise you to come and reserve your Coral as soon as you arrive. To do so, come and see us at the booth and we will provide you with a reservation badge.

Finally, the day of Saturday June 18th is open to the general public. The show offers preferential rates to students so don’t hesitate to come and see us!

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