3d food expertise

of The Digital Patisserie – La Patisserie Numerique

Engineers at the stove

La Pâtisserie Numérique is a team composed of engineers, designers, and developpers but above all passionate people who have only one idea in mind: to treat you. We design your digital cookware:

  • 3D slicing software dedicated to food printing
  • Cakewalk 3d, a culinary extruder that can be installed on any type of 3D printer
  • Training and consulting for the integration of 3D printing in your kitchens and laboratories
  • Innovations in cooking!
Cakewalk 3d a culinary extruder for any type of 3d printer

Real Cooking

Join the brigade of La Patisserie Numerique

Creative chefs, here are your new tools!

Our team uses its expertise to offer you digital manufacturing methods (cutting, folding). Our ambitions :

  • Improve productivity with additive manufacturing to complement crafting
  • Provide tools for makers and 3D printer owners that are compatible with their machines

3D printing combines the qualities of traditional cooking with an ultra-modern machine.

Cut 3d printed pie

Real Taste

Treat all 5 senses

We design our machines and recipes with one final performance indicator: taste pleasure. Our wishes:

  • Meet the needs of food professionals, such as personalization, customization, or the production of complex shapes
  • Develop formulations according to the additive manufacturing techniques used
  • To think of each formulation and the recipe for a reasoned and additive-free production
three small 3D-printed fruit pies on a blue plate

Real Pleasure

3D Food Printing: from pixel to the plate

Did you know that 3D food printing was first developed by NASA to allow astronauts to enjoy pizza from the International Space Station? As a culinary technique of additive manufacturing experimented with since 2006, 3D Food Printing has since entered the kitchens of professionals and individuals. The community of makers has been largely involved in the development of these methods thanks to their ingenuity, their creativity, and the desire to go further.

On the professional side, 3D printing is quickly becoming a process to be integrated into restaurant kitchens. The laboratories of bakers and pastry chefs have also equipped their own 3D printers thanks to La Pâtisserie Numérique.

Since then, 3D food printing has gone far beyond the boundaries of experimentation. It has become a concrete cooking method, which is becoming more and more commonplace, just like devices such as the immersion heater, if we had to name just one. At first, an object of curiosity for chefs, or a marketing argument for restaurant menu designers, 3D printing is entering the kitchen. It is making its way into the kitchens of professionals and is becoming the source of precious time savings, for the sole pleasure of the final
(gourmet) consumer.