3D Food Printing

3D printed cake

The Digital Patisserie is a startup of innovation. We support all the players in the food industry to do 3D food printing: from the artisan pastry chef to the industrial group.

Our ambition is to help you to get benefit of digital advances in order to save your time! This way, you can focus on your job and invent a new gastronomy.

Our team applies its expertise to improve productivity through the use of new digital manufacturing technologies. These offer unparalleled possibilities to meet your business needs, such as customization, custom-made, or the production of complex shapes, impossible to achieve otherwise.

These machines are designed according to a customer problem, a specific application. For each project, our job is to develop the formulations according to the additive manufacturing techniques used.

To learn more about the different technologies used in 3D food printing, we invite to check out ou articles.