3D slicer software

3D slicer software

Discover the first slicing software developed for 3D food printers.

Based on a research partnership between University of Technology at Troyes, France and the Digital Patisserie, this software allows you to 3D print with a continuous path. This way, you can avoid many structural defects related to retraction and non-printing movements.

Unlike the existing “vase-mode” or “spiral-mode” in standard software, our 3d slicer is able to calculate a continuous path for both external and internal walls of the 3D file.

Designed specifically for paste-based 3D food printers, it produces a custom Gcode file based on input variables such as:

  • Nozzle size
  • layer height
  • print speed
  • compensation for the first layer …

We demonstrate the effectiveness of this slicing software for 3D printed food through this video.

Contact us for more information. We are looking for other users of paste deposit 3D food printers for testing and feedback.