the Digital Patisserie – la Patisserie Numerique

In 2019 Marine Coré-Baillais founded La Pâtisserie Numérique.

Graduated of CAP Patisserie and recognized as expert in the field of 3D printing, she wants to open the doors of local businesses (bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants) to 3D printing for a local, 100% home-made, healthy and tasty production.

Let’s repay the 100% homemade to the professionals (without quotation marks)

Relocate the preparation and baking of your cookies to your facility. How can you do it? Take back control of your recipes with 3D printing.

Don’t outsource anymore and give back to the kitchen the place it deserves: in-house.

Equipped and trained, take advantage of the precision of 3D food printing for high-quality production in quantity. Save time and focus on your creativity.

Our machine fits on a table, it can be moved. And your preparations benefit from traditional cooking. The 3D printer is the new indispensable professional food processor.

Did you know? You can also print chocolate, meringue, or sugar paste.

A team devoted to taste

The team of the Digital Patisserie – La Pâtisserie Numérique is composed of bakers, pastry chefs, chemical and mechanical engineers, software creators, and designers. All of them are committed to designing new kitchen utensils that meet the needs of today’s professionals while preventing tomorrow’s environmental issues.

In our vision, 3D printing for food is an additive-free and sensible manufacturing method. Every gram of ingredient is valued to minimize waste while promoting local production to reduce the distance from the crop to the plate.

Created by a pastry chef mastering the art of audacious cuisine

La Pâtisserie Numérique products are easy to install in your kitchen. Benefit from training and advice to master 3D printing for food. Optimize your production methods with this new tool. Marine Coré-Baillais’ team designs easy-to-use software and hardware, for a usage that quickly proves itself.

Take advantage of the precision of 3D printing to explore your creativity and imagine new recipes. The quality and complexity of cakes worthy of the Haute Pâtisserie become accessible.

Responding to the challenges of rational consumption

3D printing is one of the ways to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s food industry. The need to consume without additives, in a specific way (allergies, food intolerances, vegetarianism, vegan, etc.) and of a reasoned production represent challenges for the innovation field. On the one hand, the relocation of production within local shops favors the reduction of the carbon footprint of a product. On the other hand, 3D Food Printing encourages healthy eating for people with different nutritional needs, especially with an aging population.

Finally, it is a manufacturing method that valorizes all foodstuffs. Products that were originally unsuitable for sale for aesthetic reasons or leftovers can be used with culinary 3D printing.


Let’s meet at Vivatech 2022 in Paris from June 15th to 18th.