3d printed chocolate pie

The Digital Patisserie offers tools and services to invent new sweet creations through 3D printing and all digital manufacturing techniques (cutting, folding).

Our ambition is to democratize culinary 3d printing for everyone:

  • to offer solutions to improve the productivity of the professionals thanks to additive manufacturing in addition to the artisanal work,
  • to propose tools for makers and owners of 3d printers to cook with their machine.

We work on 3d direct printing of food, translating techniques from the industrial environment to the world of gastronomy.

Cakewalk 3d is our first commercialized product. This culinary extruder comes to fit on all personal 3d Cartesian printers. Thus, the machine becomes a 3d food printer and we learn how to cook new dishes at home.

With our expertise in 3D printing, the ambition is also to provide tools for all users of food 3D printers. This is how we developed a new 3D slicer for 3D food printing.

The project was selected by the Smart Food incubator of Paris-Co and is part of the 2019/2020 promotion. The Digital Patisserie is also supported by the BPI through the PIA Fab scheme and by INPI.

In 2020 the Digital Pâtisserie integrated the WILCO accelerator from the Paris region. And the company won the Vivatech challenge for the best event innovation.

A few words about the founder

For nearly 10 years, Marine Coré-Baillais has been working to develop the uses of 3D printing. This ESSEC graduate (class of 95) acquired her expertise within Sculpteo, a world pioneer in online 3D printing, where she was the Deputy CEO.

In 2018, a fan of pastry, she decided to take her CAP at the Ecole de Boulangerie et de Patisserie de Paris. She validates it by an internship at Le Meurice with Cédric Grolet’s team. A keen innovator and a gourmet by nature, she decided to combine technology and know-how to invent new textures for new sweet pleasures.

The company was founded in 2019 by Marine Coré-Baillais and brings together engineers in chemistry, mechanics, software, and designers around the project. In 2020, Marine is recognized as one of the 12 most influential personalities in additive manufacturing by 3D Natives.