Cakewalk 3d

A new type of food extruder for your FDM 3D printer

Cakewalk 3d Kickstarter campaign

Cakewalk 3d is a personal 3d printer kit that converts temporarily your device into a 3d food printer. For example, you can print cake dough or meringue in 3d. You can also make 3d printed chocolate or mashed vegetables.

Cakewalk 3d is a fast, efficient way to get a 3d chocolate 3d printer or a sugar paste 3d printer at home. And that, for a small price.

The 3d printer kit has been pre-financed through a Kickstarter campaign and is still available for pre-sale on the Indiegogo platform.

It is a kit to be assembled before installing it on your personal 3d printer. You can choose between different sets, depending on the spare parts you already have at home. We ship worldwide.

For those who purchased the kit

In this section, we gather useful links for people who want information on how to use the kit.

Assembly instructions

3D Files

Slicer Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions


If you wish to read more information about the kit, we invite you to read the articles on our blog. You will also be able to see some of our achievements in pictures or videos. This is also the opportunity to share tips and tricks to make sure that everything goes well during printing.

Cakewalk 3D is a precise, effective and handy upgrade that converts your desktop 3D printer into a food printer. It enables you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, producing detailed shapes in a few minutes which would take the best chef a couple hours to design.

We wish you happy 3d food printing hours with your Cakewalk 3d kit!

If you are interested in purchasing the 3d printer kit, please visit this page.