STL / CAD / 3D Files for Cakewalk 3d

You can download the 3D models of the parts from the Cakewalk 3d support through this link in STL version or in native version on Fusion 360. You can also find them directly on Thingiverse.

1. Main part for all 3d printers

Main support STL file
Main support part

2. Ring to attach on the main part

You’ll need to 3d print 2 units of this 3d model in order to hold the cartridge.

Ring STL file
Ring (please 3D print x 2)

3. Adapter for 3d printers with double X-axis

Adapter STL File
Adapter part for Anet / Prusa and some model of Anycubic 3D Printers

4. New versions of the STL files

All the models are open source so you can customize them as much as you want. Please share your work with the community (for instance on our Facebook support group)

New version of these open source models have been done by talented first users. You can download their models on thingiverse.

Cakewalk 3d Mount STL file by mediaman
STL files for ring by Ruiraptor

5. Recommended Slicing settings for your 3d prints

There is nothing specific for 3d print these parts in PLA or ABS, your regular settings should be fine. We have always used a 0.4mm noozle.

  • All the original models can be 3d printed without support
  • At least 20% of infill
  • 0.2 mm height
  • No raft, no brim
  • Double wall
  • No extra width for the first layers

When you have all the 3d printed parts, you’re good to follow the next steps!

If you’re interested to learn more about Cakewalk 3d in general, you can visit this page.

If you would like to buy a Cakewalk 3d kit, please click here.