Assembly instructions for Alfawise 3d printers

Cakewalk 3d is a culinary extruder that converts your Alfawise 3d printer into a food printer in less than 30 minutes.

First you should have 3D printed the support parts based on these 3d files. This page explains how to mount them on the X axis of your 3d printer.

Alfawise 3d printer

If you are the lucky owner of an Alfawise U20 or U30 3d printer, these are the steps needed to install the Cakewalk 3d support :

1. Uninstall the plastic extruder

Alfawise 3d - uninstall the plastic extruder

2. Install Cakewalk 3d support

Assembly screws for Alfawise 3d printer are not provided with the Cakewalk 3d kit (but you should laready have them with the 3d printer).

Alfawise 3d - install Cakewalk 3d support

3. Mount Cakewalk 3d on the support

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About Cakewalk 3d

If you’re interested in purchasing Cakewalk 3d, we thank you to click on this link.