Assembly instructions for Anet 3d printers

If you’re the owner of an Anet A6, A8 or A8 Plus 3d printer, here are the explanations for installing the support part on your 3d printer and convert it easily into a food printer.

Before that, you must have 3d printed the support parts thanks to the 3d files (rings, main part and adapter). You can now mount them on the X-axis of your 3d printer.

Anet 3D printer

1. Uninstall the current extruder

Make sure that you keep the moving elements on the X axis.

install the current extruder

2. Mount the Cakewalk 3d adapter

The 3d model of the part is available in the CAD /STL Files page.

Cakewalk 3d adapter

3. Mount the support parts on the adapter

These screws are not provided with the Cakewalk 3d kit (but you should already have them with the Anet 3d printer)

support parts Cakewalk 3d

4. Mount Cakewalk 3d on the support part

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If you’re interesting in purchasing Cakewalk 3d culinary extruder, you can learn more on this page.