Assembly instructions for Prusa 3d printer

When you have 3d printed the STL files for your Prusa, here’s how you can mount them on the X-axis of your 3d printer and upgrade it into a food printer.

1. Uninstall the extruder

Prusa 3d printer head

2. Mount the Cakewalk 3d adapter

The 3d model of the part is available in the CAD /STL Files page in the Prusa folder.

Adapter for Prusa printer

3. Mount the support parts on the adapter

These screws are not included in the Cakewalk 3d kit (but you have them already on your Prusa 3d printer).

Support parts on Prusa

4. Mount Cakewalk 3d on the support

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In order to use the flexible heater, please check this tutorial.

About Cakewalk 3d

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