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Welcome to La Pâtisserie Numérique’s Frequently Asked Questions, we have gathered here all the questions frequently asked by people interested in Cakewalk 3D and first-time buyers :



Technical details




Is my 3D printer compatible with Cakewalk 3D?

Cakewalk 3D works with most popular Cartesian 3D desktop printers. To find out if your 3D printer will be supported at launch, search for your model in our list of supported 3D printers: . On this page you will find the 3D files of the support parts for free download. We plan to support additional models in the future, but please understand that use of Cakewalk 3D with any 3D printer not listed as “fully supported” is at your own risk.

Centrale Cakewalk 3d

Do I need to change the settings of my 3D printer?

3D printing with the Cakewalk 3d requires some adjustment. You will need to check the Z-offset, for example after installing the cartridge. The settings can be implemented in a new configuration in your preferred slicing software. We also provide you with material profiles for all major printers (on the free Prusaslicer software). There is no need to change the Eeprom settings or move the end sensor.

Does the tray have to be made of a particular material?

There is no need to have a particular type of tray, Cakewalk 3D works with all the different trays available. In the kit we provide you with a food grade silicone mat to put on your tray to protect it, and to be able to easily clean it. The mat also allows you to position your cake if you wish to print directly on it.

How long does it take to install Cakewalk 3D?

Before using the kit for the first time, you will need to do three things: uninstall the plastic filament extruder from your 3D printer, install the support part on the X axis, install and connect the motor for extrusion. This usually takes less than 25 minutes. Once this first step is complete, it will take you 5 minutes to install the cartridge and the 4 screws.

Where is the extruder placed?

The extruder replaces your plastic filament print head. Before installation, you must print in 3D three pieces of support that allow you to attach the extruder to your printer. The files of the 3D parts are available in the 3D files section. The installation instructions are detailed for the main models of 3D printers.

Where do I run my 3D printer after installing Cakewalk 3D?

Your 3D printer must be used on a solid, flat and even surface in a clean environment. For sanitary reasons, we recommend that you choose the kitchen or a place where you can easily control the temperature and have access to water.

What is the size and material of the nozzle?

The nozzle is made of food grade stainless steel and its size is 1 mm. You can also order a 2mm nozzle.

Is Cakewalk 3d available in another size or colour?

Cakewalk 3D is available in one size and one colour. In order to guarantee the best possible quality, we would like to keep our attention on this first version of Cakewalk 3D.

How fast can Cakewalk 3D work?

The speed of operation depends on the equipment used. But for viscous materials it is difficult to go beyond 30 mm/sec in our experiments. This of course depends on your printer model. If you look at the photos on the presentation video, they took on average less than 45 minutes.

What is the difference between Cakewalk 3D and other paste extruders in the 3D file markets ?

Cakewalk 3d is an open design and you can procure and assemble the kit yourself if you wish. At Cakewalk 3d we are very strict about food safety. Our kit is made from the latest food grade materials.

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What are the security measures to be taken ?

Cakewalk 3D does not change the safety precautions associated with your desktop 3D printer. However, we recommend that you never leave Cakewalk 3D unattended while it is running. You can refer to our tips and recommendations page to help you operate Cakewalk 3D in the best possible conditions.

Is there any modelling or slicing software available ?

We do not provide or recommend any 3D printing software. You can use your favourite CAD platform, or choose a 3D file from your favourite market and cut it with the 3D slicer of your choice. We provide you with a set of settings on Prusa Slicer that have worked well in our tests on the recipes page. You can also download material/printer profiles to integrate into Prusa.

How many degrees for printing ?

Cakewalk 3d can work with hot or cold preparations. You can maintain the temperature of a hot preparation thanks to the heating mat (optional). Simply attach it in place of the fan and set it in your slicer so that the maximum recommended temperature is 90 degrees Celsius.

What kind of food can be put in it ?

Cakewalk 3d can extrude many food preparations such as chocolate, meringue, vegetable puree, ketchup, guacamole, butter, Swiss butter cream. In our experience, it works best with a preparation that incorporates air.

What can’t I use as materials ?

Cakewalk 3D is not compatible with materials such as powder, granular substances or any other solid material.

Can the substances be hot ?

The use of hot substances is not a problem, Cakewalk 3D allows the use of hot or cold substances. To maintain the temperature of your hot preparation, we advise you to use the heating mat.

What are the maintenance procedures ?

Maintenance procedures are designed to prevent most food hazards during the process. Cakewalk 3D will be accompanied by a guide which will include more information, our recommendations and maintenance instructions. You can also read this advice page.

Wash Cakewalk 3d

Can I clean the extruder to reuse it ?

The extruder can be used many times and is designed to be easily washed in the dishwasher. We recommend washing the extruder after use to avoid residues and disinfecting it before each new use.

How do I clean after use ?

To clean, disassemble the extruder and the parts inside it. Then, you can place them under water to clean them with a detergent or even in your dishwasher.

Do you ship worldwide ?

We are pleased to offer you the possibility to ship your products worldwide. The shipping rate to your country will be indicated in the payment menu when you make a pledge for this campaign. Normally you will not have to pay import duties. However, due to the many different regulations in different countries, we cannot guarantee this rate 100%. Our experienced logistics partner knows how to minimise customs duties.

How long will it take for me to be delivered ?

Cakewalk 3D will be delivered during the month of May.

About Cakewalk 3D

If you would like more information about the kit, please read the articles on our blog. You will also be able to see some of our realisations in pictures or videos. You will also find tips and tricks for a smooth running when using the kit.