The Digital Patisserie

pastry with 3d printed meringue

Decorate your cakes with 3D food printing!

Digital Pastry is revolutionizing the world of pastry by allowing you to use 3d printing in your professional creations or at home.

Give free rein to your creativity and easily go from your computer to a unique and visually stunning pastry!

Everything you need to make a success of your pastries printed in 3D

patisserie imprimée 3d / 3d printed pastry

Cakewalk 3d

Start culinary 3d printing by turning your personal 3D printer into a food printer with our extruder.

du slicer au gateau imprimé / from the slicer to the 3d printed cake

3D slicer software

Prepare your 3d models for continuous extrusion and test our slicer to generate a really suitable gccode.

pâtisserie imprimée 3d / 3d printed pastry

3D Food Printing

Bring a new dimension to your dishes with direct 3D food printing. Check out our blog, guides or training courses.

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