With 3D Food Printing

Culinary innovation enters in your establishment.

Conquering the authenticity of home-made with 3D printing

Professional pastry (delicious) accessible & sustainable production

3D printed cookie structure for a dessert on a plate

Our new machine is coming!

If you are an artisan and chef, restaurant owner, or food professional, be informed in advance!

Patiss3, the new culinary 3D Printer

    3D Printer: the food processor of today and tomorrow

    We develop 3D food printing methods to create products and services dedicated to demanding chefs.
    We want them to be affordable for all food service professionals and artisans.

    Culinary 3D printing simplifies your daily life, maximizes your production potential, frees up your creativity, and encourages sensible cooking.

    La Patisserie Numerique gave birth to Cakewalk 3d, the culinary extruder compatible with 3D printers and accessible to individuals thanks to a universal kit.

    Digital kitchen toolkit

    La Patisserie Numerique is active in the maker community. Gourmets in our soul and engineers at heart, we publish a set of free and paid resources: tutorials, guides, recipes, etc.

    We designed the first slicing software for 3D food printers. Check out our blog to learn about our latest innovations and favorites. This space is the real logbook of our progress to give you a taste for food 3D printing.

    Portrait of Marine Core-Baillais

    Who is Marine Coré-Baillais?

    A graduate of ESSEC, Marine Coré-Baillais acquired her expertise at Sculpteo, a pioneer in online 3D printing, where she worked as Deputy CEO. In 2018, she obtained a Pastry CAP from the Paris Bakery and Pastry School, validated by an internship at Le Meurice with Cédric Grolet’s teams.

    Fond of innovation, gourmet by nature, she decided to combine technology with know-how in order to invent new textures for new sweet pleasures. In 2019, she created La Pâtisserie Numérique by bringing together chemical, mechanical and software engineers and designers. In 2020, Marine is recognized as one of the 12 most influential personalities in additive manufacturing by 3D Natives.

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