Tools – Custom Molds

3D ball

The Digital Pastry designs custom tools through 3D printing and digital manufacturing (laser cutting, thermoforming, digital milling, water jet cutting…). Than
ks to these techniques, manufacturing times are reduced. It is just as economical to produce a single piece as ten or twenty copies, thereby improving yields and margins.

In a few days, we can achieve:

  • bespoke chocolate candy mould
  • bespoke food silicone mould
  • log gutter mold
  • custom-made cookie-cutter tooling
  • custom-made chablon tooling

In order to satisfy the constraints of our customers, we select the most suitable materials recommended by the state of the art. Thus, we work with plastics to food standards and/or to meet the standards required in dental practices. For metal tools, we use copper or stainless 316L to food standards.

All products are made in France, on our machines in our Parisian workshop. For certain sizes, we call on partners rigorously selected for their compliance with dietary constraints.

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